AR/VRDigital Twin Solution

What will be next? We thought seriously

1. Let’s combine VR/AR + education

Where to use VR/AR?

Let’s create content!

What content to create?

Let’s create educational content!

2. What type of education service will be provided???

Let’s solve the importance of field learning and the current limitations!

Field trips cannot be made under special circumstances such as COVID 19.

However, it can be achieved in a non-face-to-face manner.

Just make it possible for you to have realistic on-the-spot field trips!

3. What are the features of the service?

4. Use of service

5. Feasibility?

The technology to realize the above concept is secured through continuous R&D.

However, we need a little more time and the power to move forward.

Soon, we will be back for cool content and usable services.


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