Digital Twin Solution

Why does digital twin you always noticeable?

Curious about what a digital twin is?
You have to be curious
I’m going to dig into the digital twin ^^

First, what is a digital twin?

“The digital twin is a concept advocated by General Elecyoung of the United States, and is a technology that predicts the results in advance by creating twins of objects in reality on a computer and simulating a situation that can occur in reality. The digital twin can solve various industrial and social problems as well as manufacturing.Technology attracts attention” 

It must be a very good technique, right?

So, you’re now curious about the digital twin solution of Art&Space IT?

I knew it!

Introducing Art&Space IT Digital Twin Solution !!!

Scan Data Optimization, AR/VR Content Production,
Web 3D Realistic Content Production

Click image to see more

1. Scan Data Optimization

Begin and end of a digital twin,
the first thing that should be done
That is!!!! 3D Scan

Do you know about it?
Art&Space IT optimize the scan data using
digital twinning tool A.eyes

When 3D Scan Data is optimized, Lowpoly, High-quality,
The truth that you can create animated content!

Start verifying the truth


What if 3D Scan is very cool and the poly is
too large to use?

How embarrassing it would be

The way to solve this problem is to lower the poly.

It makes to diet the poly of Scan Data in a tremendous way.

How does it work?

This is how we make clean scan data using A.eyes.

Up to 1/100 lower poly!


Click image to see more


You spent a lot of time with 3D Scan,

You aligned tens of thousands of images collected like that,

For hours, days, and weeks, rendering PCs were made to die,

How sad it would be if you didn’t get the quality you want.

What do you do now?

Art&Space IT  A.eyes solves this kind of problem.

Make it Very High Quality

Animated effect

Animation with lowpoly and high quality 3D Scan Data

Adding effects is not that difficult

Of course, not everyone can

But that’s not only what we can do

The truth that we are most effective  FACT!


2. AR/VR content production

If you get low-poly, high-quality scan data,
should you use it?

That is

The truth that AR / VR is used for augmented reality and virtual reality content!

For more information, check the
AR / VR content production ^^

The scan data of Art&Space IT recently made an AR map of
Deoksugung Palace, a Korean cultural property,
on SKT Jump AR.

3. Web 3D realistic content production

Operates 3D content freely ???

I don’t know how good it is to live

3D content freely on PC and Mobile

It is not bound by special programs or specifications.

If you are wondering whether it is true or false, click the photo next to it.

Art&Space IT’s Extra Large Project
2018 PyeongChang Olympic Web3D


So far, we’ve learned about the truth or falsehood of the Art&Space IT Digital Twin Solution.

A solution that has no lie and only a truth is a secret we only know!

If you want to know more about Art&Space IT Digital Twin Solution,
Please contact us with one click !!!


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