Have you heard of AR? So what about VR?
It’s one of the industries that is attracting attention these days


AR (Augmented Reality): Experience and take pictures between real and virtual space

VR (Virtual Reality): Highly immersive experience and experience by completely entering the virtual space

Words doesn’t understand the difference, right?

Let us show you rather than words

Art&Space IT AR / VR  comparison and know-how large release! Start

Lego AR content

This world we exist now
How would you feel if you had a lego dinosaur
in front of you?

It’s possible with the LEGO AR

Bring it to reality, and ping-pong with me!
Also, chemistry each other

If AR and LEGO content are combined, it is possible

We will show more AR LEGO content soon ^^

Want to know more? Lego AR content

Pinx VR content

Do you have a place you want to go to? It ’s hard to go even if you want to go because you ’re busy

In particular, golf courses on Jeju Island like Pinx

It will be more difficult to go to everyday more easily ^^

It is VR experience that can solve such problems

Experience in advance with a virtual golf course tour

You can see where and what  PINX VR

FYI, We did a 3D scan of PINX difficultly  ~
It is a secret between us!

Deoksugung Palace AR Map Content


Do you all have one map app on your phone?

You can find the destination easily, so you use it often.

But few of us walk on the road with real maps
Maybe there is no one …

What if you bring up a map in AR?

3D Scan our cultural heritage, Deoksugung
Palace, and then we have created an AR map^^

Meet Deoksugung AR Map at SKT Jump AR now

Coex VR content

Everyone ~~

Have you been to Samsung Station? Coex is there

If you walk in front of it, you will meet many people, especially during lunch.
How is it? It’s very complicated ㅠㅠ
In front of the quiet COEX
Do you not want to walk? I sometimes imagine that

I want to walk alone on this road that walks so many people

The fact that it is possible in VR!

Meet in VR content of COEX ^^

The long-awaited release of know-how

We showed you the comparison between
Art&Space IT’s AR / VR.

Now finally release the long-awaited know-how
Time is coming, the secret is…

The secret is …

Our spatial digital twinning tool A.eyes

Optimized 3D Scan Data to achieve low poly / high quality

We can create data optimized for AR / VR ^^ lol

Contact us for more information


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