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Recently, through a famous 3D Scan Data community overseas
There was an inquiry about A.eyes.

Anyone who deals with 3D Scan Data has a problem. As a solution,
What was created is the spatial digital twinning tool “A.eyes”. It was a request to edit
the building 3D Scan Data using A.eyes.
The results of the 3D scan data for the revised building were very satisfactory
and our the customer said:

“Wow. This is a perfect result. Please, think of this product as of a service to be included in pipeline: Scanning (photo, laser, drone) – Photogrammetry – Plane and feature detection – BIM export. I would like to offer such bundle.”

We will open the process to you

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1. Request for edit of Scan Data

Everyone has experience dealing with 3D Scan Data.
Are you worried?

It is difficult to import scan data into standardized CAD
To use it as a BIM, additionally
Windows, floors, etc.

Everyone knows that there are limits to implementation, right? Everyone knows LOL

Our customer wanted to test if A.eyes can solve this.

2. Get Scan Data from customer


So I decided to take the test actively.

If it is possible to implement it in the way the customer
wants by receiving the sample scan data of
about 1.5 gigabytes for testing

And I received scan data to see how effective and efficient A.eyes is!

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3. Touch up the Scan Data with A.eyes


Using Art&Space IT’s spatial digital twinning tool A.eyes
I started to make edits with the fbx along with the camera and undistorted photos I received.

Modeled one by one carefully and started to touch the existing scan data neatly.

4. Clean scan data one by one


Since the original scan data was not trimmed, it was difficult to obtain clean data.

So I did modeling work with A.eyes, one by one,
Make them like pieces one by one,
I created a neat mesh.

5. Wireframe and mesh before and after

If you look at the wireframe and mesh before and after comparison

You will definitely know what the difference is ^^

How is it? Noticeably, the scan data is clean and accurate, right?

It is possible because you touched the scan data with A.eyes

6. Edited Scan Data Delivery

After completing the edit, we delivered it to the customer.
Then the answer came as follows!

Much better than when the customer did it with software.
The customer was impressed by
the precise and clean scan data.
And even low-poly! Converting to various file formats is
a bonus

As such, A.eyes optimizes 3D Scan Data to BIM
It can be used ~

Do you get it? I already got it!

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