3D Scan

I’ve already looked at photogrammetry software, and now
let’s talk about the most basic “photo-shoot”.

The fact that accurate photo taking is the most important thing before using the software!

Photographs taken accurately are the most important in photogrammetry. If the well-photographed and well-aligned images are well modeled, the editing will be reduced and it will be the most helpful for accurate modeling.

So, let’s start 101 with accurate photography.

Follow me!

1. Angle of Photo-Shoot

Point of interest (P.O.I)

Eye-level, Clavicle height 10 degrees below, Clavicle height 45 degrees

This is the most accurate way to shoot from top to bottom or from bottom to top!

Super TIP: Overlay over 60% of the continuous photos.
Please remember!

2. Direction of Photo-Shoot

The shooting direction turns around the point of interest (P.O.I) and shoots!

Right? left?

Doesn’t matter

However, it is recommended to shoot with constant movement in one direction.

Make sure to overlay 60%!

3. What if photo-shoot with two people?

When shooting two people on
one point of interest (P.O.I) …

One person focuses on the point of interest
The other person should focus on the bottom of the point of interest.

At this time, with a feeling of overlapping about 60% so that the shooting angles of the two people can meet each other!

4. Measuring Height

This is not related to the shooting, but the scan data
I tried again to verify and check the error of the measured data.

If you compare the actual data with the scan data created by yourself,
You will be able to see how accurate it was.

Wondering how accurate it is?



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