Cultural Heritage

There are so many cultural heritages in the world, but we have
The fact that only a few cultural heritages can go in,
cultural properties deserve protection.

It will not be a problem if the existing cultural heritages are reproduced with the technology of Art&Space IT.

So we haven’t been able to reveal it yet, but we have succeeded in 3D scanning of existing but hidden cultural heritages ^^

I’ll give you a little bit of the scene that was really beautiful

Because the day is good,
the day is not good
We go to you

We go cultural heritages to you

It’s still like autumn with plenty of autumn leaves, but on a very cold winter day

Through the cold wind, our ears will freeze, but to meet you

We go ㅠㅠ It was really cold ㅠㅠ

Nevertheless, we want to see the true value of hidden cultural heritages ^^

We went to meet a noble cultural heritage with a light step.

If you want to noble a cultural heritage, perform like public service!


We need to get permission in advance to
enter the cultural property

Shooting permission and cooperation, proof, etc.

After a lot of procedures, we finally got
a green public service vest
We had to wear it so we could meet it hahaha
How hard it is!

That’s why our cultural heritages deserve
It must be preserved


Let’s all go ~~~ Follow me


Finally, We go to you through all the procedures.

Just wait. We’ll scan you cool and cool with our technology.

Imagine your magnificent appearance reflected in
virtual space

We go

If our specialized spatial digital twin technology,

You can make it very nice! We can do it !!!

Finally ~~
In front of the noble cultural heritages

We haven’t been able to make it public yet, so we will show only some of the cultural properties

Disclosure coming soon! Very sophisticated and
elegant 3D Scan project

We will release it ^^ Thank you for your patience ^^

We were very careful and elegant

3D Scan using normal images. Are you curious?

Check it out with Art&Space IT 3D Scan


Don’t you just want to go?
I prepared a little

Full disclosure is not still available yet, but We’ll come it again with perfect content soon ^^

This is a video of a cultural heritage brought in from a mobile phone at home.

In fact, there is a microwave sound in the middle too haha

When it’s hard to go out with COVID 19 these day We think it’s a good thing to be able to meet our cultural hertiages like this.

Art&Space IT meets cultural heritages and rediscovers Coming Soon!


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