Digital Twin Solution

Quick look A.eyes

Art&Space IT Spatial Digital Twinning Tool A.eyes
Welcome to see and understand

We’ll call it A.eyes, the Art&Space IT spatial digital twinning tool

We don’t know, Do we have to explain it?

You won’t understand, but we will promise you that it will be very beneficial once you see it.

Especially for those who use 3D modeling, 3D scan and all 3D spatial data

Attention!!!  That’s good

It will be a new solution

The time to begin!

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Optimal 3D Scan Data


Anyone who works with 3D spatial data
It will be the 3D Scan data that you want and want

How do we know? We also want and resent a lot

We made A.eyes

Using A.eyes to get the most suitable 3D Scan Data

Very good, just good, very good

A.eyes Who the hell are you ?!


A.eyes are like 3D eyes

n other words, it is a 3D spatial data editing tool

Did you feel more difficult?

We will introduce this part in a simple video first

Where is this good? About

The answer is really right below ~~

Start in earnest ^^

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1. Low-Poly

Poly is always a problem for 3D Scan Data

Does everyone agree? When we did a 3D scan to die, there are many unfortunate situations where the poly is so great that it cannot be used properly.

But A.eyes reduces the poly by up to 1/100

That’s great, isn’t it?

Left is normal 3D Scan Data /
Right is the wireframe of the scan data touched by A.eyes

Does it make a distinct difference? ^^

2. Remove scan error

When you ran a 3D Scan on a rendering PC for
days, weeks and days

What is this ?! Really shhhh !!!!

Scan errors are crushed everywhere
It doesn’t scan properly

Turning the rendering back and turning
it doesn’t solve the problem

In this case, it is really horrible.

Why don’t you solve a problem through
A.eyes in one shot?

3. Texture UP! Quality is also UP!

The poly is low and the scan error has been eliminated

What’s next?

We need to increase the Texture!

When the texture goes up, it becomes more realistic

Become a spatial digital twin

That’s a shortcut to quality

Of course, the previous steps have to be together,
but it’s possible.

Well made with A.eyes
Introducing 3D spatial information

Art&Space IT’s spatial digital twin solution
After editing with “A.eyes”

We implemented it in a virtual space just like a real space

Didn’t we really make it real? Wow ~ Is this true?

In addition to the video I introduced,
you can see more in the Project

And the fact that it supports various file formats
(obj, fbx, dae, gltf, json, etc.)

It’s also available for AR / VR content