AR Lego

Lego Marvel Avengers Assemble!

Let’s feel the excitement of the Avengers End game with AR camera content !!!

This time, following the LEGO Dinosaur, we scanned the Marvel Avengers LEGO and turned it into AR content
What if you and Lego Iron man play together?
Have you imagined it?

From the vivid production process to completion, we will release it to you !!!

Let’s get it

1. Marvel Avengers

As with the last AR LEGO dinosaur,

We bought the Marvel Avengers LEGO ^^

We scanned hard with the impression of the end game

We are looking forward to it already

2. Wire Frame Touch Up

As we all know …

3D scanning is not easy .. Huh ~~~

The 3D Scan Data we shot hard was not clear

That’s why we optimized wireframe with A.eyes^^
Can you see it?

The wire frame is noticeably sharper^^

3. mesh Touch Up

After all

We should also see the mesh …

Solidify the crushed and unclear mesh!

softly! beautifully! With confidence ~~

We touched it with A.eyes

4. Texture Touch Up

Now right before the last step!

We have to touch the texture ^^

If you make everything well in front and miss the last texture ㅠㅠ

It has been a result of really unfortunate quality

Photorealistic Texture! Ta-da!!!

5. Adding animation effects

This is the last step!

Add high-quality animation effects

It will be made into AR content

It should be moved to make it more realistic and interesting

Will it be made with AR content?

6. AR content complete!

3D Scan-> 3D Scan Data editing-> Apply animation effect

AR LEGO content was born through a long step called

“Lego Marvel Avengers Assemble~”

We release it !!

If you want to meet in video

Watch Video!!! 

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