AR Lego

Jump into the Lego world!!!
Journey beyond the memories into a fantasy

Anyone who has ever played with Lego as a child will have it
Assemble blocks, touch individual tastes and stories
Would you believe it if Lego was alive?
Lego, which was always smaller than me, is similar to me,
It can bigger, move, or play with me.^^
 It’s no longer what was imagined
It’s possible in reality right now


Meet the AR LEGO experience of Art&Space IT making your imagination a reality

1. The beginning of AR Lego


You have a memory with Lego as a child
Looking for a way to express those memories
a little more fun

I started with a curiosity called
How about combining AR (augmented reality) and

LEGO content?

We make Lego with our best 3D Scanning
If we make it with the content of AR, everyone
Wouldn’t it be your favorite content?

2. Our Target Lego Jurassic Park


Which LEGO would be better if we use LEGO for content ???

There are a lot of different types of Lego,
We’ve been thinking about a few days
Wouldn’t it like dinosaurs to move alive? I thought

Dinosaur, lego, movement, myself 
We think about each element

We think it would be the most fun to
“play a dinosaur made of LEGO and play with me”

3-1 Lego Dinosaur Scan


Now that we have decided what to do,
we need something to shoot
So, go straight to the Lego store and buy Lego Jurassic Park
then, I started to assemble it.
Complete assembly in one day and take 2 days to shoot


What is this? Why is Scan Data so bad ???

Click image to see more

3-2 Lego dinosaur modeling with A.eyes

The desired dinosaur model did not come out ㅠㅠ
Is this a dinosaur or a fossil
So disappointed~~

But with Art&Space IT Digital Twinning Tool A.eyes
Fix the scan error and optimize the poly!!!


Lego dinosaur Art&Space IT’s
Digital Twinning Tool A.eyes

4. After breathing in dinosaurs


It made the LEGO dinosaurs awesome and cool

All that’s left is to put life into motion

Of course, we are not God, we cannot give life,

You know Art& Space IT’s technology, right?
If you have A.eyes haha

Applying the animation to the LEGO dinosaur right away

5. The moving LEGO Jurassic World begins!


Now that the dinosaurs have come to life,

We’re going to make it pop out of the door

If the dinosaur jumps out of the door and moves,

Would it look more realistic? Imagine!

Dinosaurs yelling at the door sounds like grrrrrr~

If it comes out, it’s our favorite lego

6. The long-awaited AR Lego Jurassic World is complete!

AR LEGO Jurassic World we made it very cool

Now that we have made it, we must experience it!

If the idea that started at first came true

Verifying it

“Dinosaurs made of Lego live and play with me”

Check out the video!

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How come it comes true?
Are you curious?
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