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  Art&Space IT S/S 3D Collection-one

The latest 3D collection to hit this spring and summer!

Utilization of 3D space

Also, Art&Space IT Digital Twin Solution
Encounter in 3D

No detail like this so far!

Is this AR or VR or … 3D?

Maybe everything!

All For One! One For All!

1. Meet Cultural Heritage

Realize our cultural heritages in 3D everywhere,

Enjoy the content and get to know it right away!

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2. Record of historical moments

2018 Pyeong Chang Olympics touching scene in 3D,

Stadium guide exactly! Enjoy the content and remember it again!

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3. Tourism experience

Everyone likes sightseeing, but we can’t go anytime.

Tourism and content created with the technology of Art&Space IT!

Let’s meet

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