The storyboard functions to list sketches or images, such as illustrations, in order, and show them to the people working. It is usually used in fields such as animation, movies, and dramas, and recently it is used in services such as various startups.

It is said that it was first introduced in Disney in the 1920s when making animation.

Like this, the storyboard is used before actual work.

I remember that the word storytelling was known a lot in the past. Stories like this are very powerful.

Visualization: The picture is more powerful than the 100-word description. It is very powerful when used in Concept Ideas to help understanding.

Memory: Content with stories remains up to 22 times more memorable than not.

Empathy: When you understand the story, everyone becomes sympathetic, and when it is made, it suppresses going in different directions as much as possible.

Executive power: The story raises people’s attention as much as possible and understands its meaning even in difficult tasks.

The context of the storyboard?

Storyboards are very effective in predicting the user experience of a product. In other words, it helps users understand how they will respond while using this product.

Wait, what does storytelling do?

Stories are very effective in the design process. This is because visualization, memory, empathy, and execution are all related and effective as described above.

Jump on foot: Story is a very human element and it is a significant part of our lives. That’s why I’m not just sitting at my desk and designing, but if I’m a real designer, I have to see what people think and behave while moving with my feet.

Please work together: Storyboarding is not just a designer, it is a work that all team members gather together. It’s like creating your role in each scene in the movie industry. This means that all team members must work together to work as close as possible to the design.

Repetitive learning: Storyboarding is not a one-time work. To improve the completeness, feedback and corrections are continuously made. It’s a good time to be able to test.

Let’s make a storyboard

When asked to make a storyboard for the first time, most people hesitate about their painting skills. However, since it is a process to convey the concept, it is okay to draw it like ‘Zola Man’.

Designers’ most important skill is not to do well in Photoshop or sketch, but to combine their skills well to describe the best scenario.

To make a story attractive, you need three things:

Credibility: Main characters must solve problems with a clear goal. If not, users will wonder and ask what this is.

Simplicity: All unnecessary extras should be deleted. Excess is worse than not. It is more important to simplify what the viewer should focus on.

Emotion: Emotional emotion that a viewer sees among the sympathies given by a character is a very powerful factor for a user to experience indirectly.

Clear design: Attention to clearly understand the story you want to convey, put emphasis on it so that your eyes do not wander. It’s like the order in which your eyes flow when you read a comic book.

As a result

Creating a storyboard is not easy. However, this method is effective and is still used in many places. Good visual effects Visuals are very helpful in understanding the story. If you are not good at drawing pictures, you can practice finding an image that helps you understand.


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