Project “Peace and Girls” – Complete

Seongdong-gu Girl Statue of Peace Complete! Nothing to mention about qualities, Focus on meaning. Let’s take a look ^^ Project "Peace and Girls" in Korea by Art&Space IT on Sketchfab Related episode: Project “Peace and Girls” Prologue 3D3d modeling3D scan3D scanning3d 모델링3D 스캐닝A.eyesARblenderCapturing RealityphotogrammetryRealistic ContentRealistic MediaReality CaptureScan data optimizationVR스캔데이터최적화실감미디어실감콘텐츠증강현실

Photogrammetry – Photo Shoot 101

I’ve already looked at photogrammetry software, and now let’s talk about the most basic “photo-shoot”. The fact that accurate photo taking is the most important thing before using the software! Photographs taken accurately are the most important in photogrammetry. If the well-photographed and well-aligned images are well modeled, the editing will be reduced and it…