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The truth that works without installing a separate program on
Web 3D, PC and Mobile!


Today, We will tell you the truth that 3D realistic contents run freely
without installing a separate program on the web ^^

Have fun!

Web 3D realistic content that can be viewed on PC and Mobile is starting!

1. Original Scan Data

While comparing original scan data of SK Wyverns
Munhak Stadium We’ll tell you

3D Scanned Data
These are wireframe, mesh, and texture comparisons.

Not much than you thought?

It is still before optimization through A.eyes

Please look forward to how it changes

2. Optimization of Scan Data


Do you see the wireframe, mesh, and texture that are much cleaner than the previous image?

What happened to this
Art&Space IT Spatial Digital Twinning Solution A.eyes
Please check!

Low-poly, high-quality scan data What to do now?

3. 3D content production

Now we have to go into the production of content

We created SK Wyverns Munhak Stadium and event guide contents with low-poly, high-quality 3D Scan Data

SK Wyverns Munhak Stadium!

Have you seen the project? Does it work well on
PC or mobile?

Without installing a separate program^^

This is possible with low poly and high quality
It is because of the A.eyes that optimized the scan data

Web 3D Realistic Content

3D Scan-> 3D Scan Data Optimization-> Web 3D Realistic Content

Introducing Web 3D realistic contents made in this way

Oryukdo, Busan

2018 Pyeongchang Olympics Stadium

Haemi-eupseong, Seosan

Please click each name Web 3D realistic content freely enjoyable
You can do it ^^

For more information, contact us!

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