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Art&Space IT, realizes a realistic space with 3D scanning technology

Art&Space IT develops a solution that realistically realizes space in the virtual digital world by utilizing 3D scanning technology.
Jay Park, CEO of Art&Space IT, said, “The technology of scanning space in 3D has been used in various fields such as safety diagnosis, architecture, interior, and preservation of cultural properties from the past, but has three disadvantages in terms of users.”
First, it is more than 100 million expensive scanning equipment and license fees.
The second is that a large number of shooting experts and high-quality personnel must be mobilized for space photo-shooting, and the resultant capacity after 3D scanning is too large to be used in various fields. Art&Space IT provides a solution to these three problems in the market. He developed a service that anyone can easily scan and share space with low-cost equipment. CEO Park said, “The Art&Space IT solution can obtain detailed and accurate spatial object information by using a smartphone or DSLR, and the resultant capacity is small, so it can be applied to various fields such as AR and VR for various applications.” The photo-shooting guide app and process automation made it easy to shoot without an expert.

Park’s interest in spatial 3D scanning technology came from working as a film VFX producer at a local Singaporean company. “I was exposed to photogrammetry while working on production, and I was impressed that I could create a realistic model without complicated knowledge,” said Park. “I realized that it is easy to produce a single model with this technology, but I started to research and develop it after knowing that it is difficult to detail a large model in space units,” he said. I think I started a business in a related field,” he explained.

Art&Space IT’s technology can be utilized by any company that provides services by grafting real places into VR or AR. In the future, as technology advances, we plan to provide services to individuals who want to produce photorealistic 3D themselves. CEO Park said, “Art&Space IT Service is a technology that can be used for virtual tours, virtual shopping, safety education, smart cities, etc. and can be extended to real space information providing services such as real estate, accommodation reservations, and restaurant reservations.”

The actual service of Art&Space IT will be commercialized in 2021. “We are currently developing technologies and algorithms that scan space using low-cost equipment and use them in an internal project in one tool,” said Park. “We are trying to drastically reduce the increased work time due to repetitive work using artificial intelligence. Said. “We are currently conducting research and development projects with KAIST’s AI researchers with the goal of commercialization in 2021,” he said.

This year, Art&Space IT plans to speed up development by 10 times the speed of existing work through R&D projects. It is also planning to complete the content production service and lay the foundation for the project scheduled for next year. In the future, when the commercialization of services is in progress, the company plans to start selling technology to companies that need the technology, such as China, Vietnam, and Singapore, and to advance into the global market. CEO Park said, “I want to create a world where anyone can easily scan and share the space with low-cost equipment.

The value of Art&Space IT can be summarized as follows.

1. Low-poly 2. High-quality 3. Wide application

Art&Space IT’s team that makes this possible

Project Done

Spatial & Content

Cultural Heritage

Girl statue of peace, Technology, and Contents

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