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AR Haechi guides Palace Changdeokgung

[SR(SR) Times, Kim Soo-min, reporter] “Please come.”

Since the ‘Changdeok ARirang’ application is driven, the legendary animal ‘Hatch’ appears, and guides you to experience the royal life of Changdeokgung Palace 600 years ago.

SK Telecom announced on the 27th that it has newly implemented “Changdeokgung Palace,” a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as a representative of Korea, with the Korea Cultural Heritage Administration and Google Korea. On this day, SK Telecom held a press conference at Changdeokgung and started demonstrating’Changdeok ARirang’.

“The Changdeok Arirang service was developed without a commercial purpose,” said Ye Hee-gang, head of SK Telecom’s brand marketing group.

Changdeokgung Palace is visited by 1.78 million visitors annually. Among them, 110,000 people are visitors who are experiencing physical discomfort. They experience difficulty in viewing due to the difficulty in climbing the chin and stairs in wheelchairs, and the topographical characteristics of the uphill.

SK Telecom developed Changdeok ARirang to improve their accessibility. Starting in August, the barriers on the streets were also released, such as the launch of a “Changdeok ARirang At Home” service that allows visitors to visit Changdeokgung anywhere in the world.

In order to develop the app, SK Telecom developed a realistic AR service through Google, augmented reality platform ‘ARCore’, in cooperation with Google, a UK development producer, Nexus Studio, and South Korea’s AR developer Sears Lab. In particular, we applied the latest AR technology, cloud cherry, lighting simulation, etc.

After launching the Changdeok ARirang app, the light of the Changdeokgung Palace Geumcheon Bridge will appear, a legendary animal,’Hatch’. Haechi is a guide that guides each of 12 courses, from Geumcheon Bridge in Changdeokgung to Injeongjeon, Heejeongdang, and sponsored entrances. If you follow the hatch, you can indirectly experience the life of the royal court in Changdeokgung Palace.

There are two modes in the app: a basic walker mode that guides you on a stairway, and a mode that introduces an easy way for a wheelchair stroller to travel. It is possible to send an AR picture taken in the course-specific photo zone via email.

For example, if you enter the court before the recognition, you can take pictures of the queen, queen, and AR. In addition, if you enter the courtyard of Nakseonjae, you can see the ‘Chun-Angmu’, a royal dancer, in Augmented Reality. In addition, it participated in the king’s decision making, and also provided interesting elements such as AR archery and AR kite flying. In particular, it is possible to look inside the high-definition 360-degree VR inside the area where entry and exit is controlled for reasons of preservation of cultural assets, such as the Huijeong-dang or sponsored inside.

‘Changdeok ARirang’ is available regardless of the carrier, and the service support terminals are Galaxy S10 5G, LG V50 5G, Galaxy Note 10+, and Galaxy S20 series, which will be expanded in the future. SK Telecom also plans to operate a service that provides free guidance devices for visitors who do not have a 5G smartphone until the end of the year.
Meanwhile, Changdeok ARirang is SK Telecom’s first 5G MEC-based B2C service. For this service, SK Telecom has built 5G base station 12 meals in 6 places in Changdeokgung, such as a dormitory gate, Naksunjae, sponsored entrance, and Injeongjeon backyard. In fact, it is possible to instantly receive and exchange data with the MEC installed near the Changdeokgung Palace’s 5G smartphone and experience a 60% improvement in the download speed of improved content. However, customers of other carriers who are not SK Telecom will not be able to apply MEC technology.

Kang-Won Lee, chief of SK Telecom’s 5GX Cloud Labs, said, “In the future, we are preparing 5G MEC application examples in smart factories, smart hospitals, and financial institutions.”

The value of Art&Space IT can be summarized as follows.

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Art&Space IT meeting hidden cultural heritages

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