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Agisoft Metashape 101 – Welcome to the beginner’s guide

If you do photogrammetry, you will come across a lot of software. This time, we will take a time to learn
about Metashape from Agisoft.
Along with the process of making the project “Peace and Girls” mentioned several times earlier,
I also give a tip on how to use Reality Capture.

Follow follow me~

1. Photo shoot and camera


Subject: Seongdong Girl Statue of Peace (Wangsimni Station Exit 5)

Shooting start time: 11:00 AM

Shooting end time: 11:16 am

Camera: SONY ILCE-7M2

Camera settings: F-stop F / 10, exposure time 1/3200 sec, ISO-2500

Number of photos: 271 photos

Picture capacity: 2.36 GB

2. Purchase Agisoft Metashape Software


We used Agisoft Metashape Standard, I will explain it as Standard version^^

Agisoft Metashape Standard : Click here to discover more!

Price : USD 179, No time limit

Limited photo alignment : None

3. Rendering computer specifications


If you have purchased photos and software, then you will need a rendering computer ^^

We show you the specifications of the rendering computer we used while working on the project “Peace and Girls”!

Let’s see how much time it took through Agisoft Metashape with that specification from now on !!!

4. Align Photos


Launch Agisoft Metashape  -> Workflow-Add Photos -> Select all images to align -> Workflow-Align Photos ->OK 

If you wait for the alignment image in the same order as above, then Ta-da!


Time taken for align photos

291.577 seconds

5. Build Mesh


Workflow -> Click Build Mesh !

Source data: Depths maps , Quality : High ,
Face count : Medium

Save it after aligning the photos! Can you keep your files a little safer? You can also reduce wasted time ^^



Please note that build mesh takes tens of times longer than alignment photos!

A little waiting is essential lol:)

Time taken for build mesh

8963.23 seconds

6. Decimate Mesh


Tools at the top -> Mesh -> Decimate Mesh ->
Targer face count : 100,000 -> OK

I recommend you do a decimate mesh after the build mesh!

You know what? To get Art&Space IT’s Spatial Digital Twinning Solution  A.eyes ^^

It’s because it makes optimized scan data with low-poly and high-quality!


Time taken for decimate mesh

16.691 seconds

7. Build Texture


Workflow -> Click Build Texture !

Texture type : Diffuse map, Source data : Images, Mapping mode : Generic, Blending mode : Mosaic(default), Texture size/count : 4096 x 4

After decimate mesh, I’m going to have to put on the texture now!


Time taken for build texture

262.711 seconds

8. Mesh editing with A.eyes


About 158 minutes to model 271 photos,
Did you know that it takes 16 minutes for shooting time and travel time + organizing time + opportunity cost?

What if the scan data taken over time doesn’t come out ???
What are you going to do?

So it is necessary to edit the mesh through A.eyes!

9. Texture editing with A.eyes


Now it’s time to edit the texture and complete modeling!

Do you see the wrong parts of the texture returned by Agisoft Metashape only?

Editing texture with A.eyes and clean
It became a better 3D scan ^^

10. Final verification-measurement of actual data and scan data


I measured the accuracy of the scan data even after editing with A.eyes.

I used a tape measure to measure the height of the monument. Its height is 163.3 cm

The height measured with the final data edited with A.eyes is 163.3cm

Accurate scan data without errors !!!

Texture up! Low-poly! Accuracy there! A.eyes!

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  1. how are you able to get accurate dimensions? what is A.eyes! ?

    I took photos of a human face, but the end model (looks great) is the size of a Coin maybe.

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