3D Scan

The more we do, the more like ours, 3D Scan like ours
3D Scan Yesterday is good, and today, you are a bad guy ㅠㅠ
Sometimes we want to cry


It may be a little uncomfortable,

we are doing it the easiest way

Secret of Art&Space IT’s 3D Scan

We will prepare and show you case by case

Let ’s go !! Follow follow me

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The Art&Space IT’s 3D scan is a something special

Is it a Fact? Yes, It is

From multiple consecutive images taken
Create 3D camera location information and base it
on the image You will place them as the
sum of the basic shapes
When you project an image onto a 3D mesh

Special spatial information of A.eyes is completed. It’s very easy, isn’t it?

This is thanks to A.eyes

Case one Pyeongchang Olympics

We don’t know if you all remember
Let us introduce you again 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium
from the leading role of the 3D preview service
We are Art&Space IT

If you are curious about our 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics, check it out!

3D Scan is actually difficult, but we are overcoming numerous difficulties with our digital twinning solution “A.eyes”.

Sophisticated with A.eyes
Meet the Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium

Case Two SK Wyverns Munhak Stadium

Some people like baseball and others don’t

Even though there have been people who have never been to a baseball field, no one has ever been to a baseball

If you plan to go to the baseball field in the future,
why don’t you first experience what and where?

If you are curious about our SK Wyverns Munhak Stadium

Sophisticated with A.eyes

Meet SK Wyverns Munhak Stadium

Case Three Deoksugung Palace

Deoksugung Palace, our cultural heritage

We don’t have to mention the beauty of Deoksugung Palace

Are you familiar?

Nowadays, it’s hard to go out to COVID 19

If you can meet our beautiful cultural heritage, Deoksugung Palace, at home, How nice^^

If you are curious about our Deoksugung Palace

Meet Deoksugung Palace, which is sophisticated with A.eyes

This is all about A.eyes

There’s no easy thing in the world haha

Actually, we know that 3D scanning is difficult

Of time, effort, wait and frustration
We can feel the moments

If the 3D Scan Data doesn’t come out well, it’s very bad

We are doing it better spatial digital twin solution through A.eyes


If you need a solution, the answer is

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