3D Scan

If you scan the great architect Gaudi’s room with 3D scanning,
We will be able to preserve his traces

I visited Barcelona, Spain in February 2020 to see Gaudi’s architecture.

Its great, magnificent and beautiful appearance

I wanted to share it with you guys, so I took a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and did a 3D scan.

Of course, scanning data optimization is a spatial digital twinning solution A.eyes! 

Let’s meet Gaudi’s room made by 3D scanning with a mobile phone.

1. Taking pictures with mobile phone

What if 3D scanning is possible without
expensive equipment?

How do you think of it guys? It’s worth trying

I use my smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 10
I tried shooting.

I carefully took pictures Gaudi’s room everywhere and
multiple images overlapping well.

2. Scan Data Edit – Wireframe

It would be great if 3D scanning could be done at a time with just pictures.

It ’s not like that.

I have to touch the scan data.

Wireframe first!

Please see the comparison pictures that How clean it is

3. Scan Data Edit – Mesh

I touched the wire frame

Now I have to touch the ugly mesh.

Clean that lumpy mesh with A.eyes

Please take a look at the comparative picture!

How to transform

4. Scan Data Correction – Texture

Wireframe, mesh we touched before.

Now the last step!

I need to touch the texture.

Do you see the comparison before and after?

The texture changes realistically

Isn’t it beautiful?

5. Gaudi’s room is complete in virtual space!!!

Finally, Gaudi’s room is completed was taken by cell phone.

Ta-da! In virtual space.

Aligned 50 images taken with my phone

Completed by editing wireframe, mesh, and texture

Introducing Gaudi’s room.

Meet the great architect Gaudi’s room!

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