2020 NCM OPEN CALL Nexon Computer Museum’s fifth
Virtual Reality Content Contest

iPhone Augmented Reality Camera Application Snovall Selected as the Best Award

NCM Winner

At this 2020 NCM OPEN CALL, the final 5 winners were announced, breaking through the competitive service and competition.

Art&Space IT’s augmented reality camera app Snovall was selected as the best award.

Let’s meet Snovall, a camera application that implements a high-quality virtual space with augmented reality through video.

Anyone can easily bring a virtual space to a mobile phone and provide various content and fun.
Snovall is currently available through the iPhone App Store.
It is available for download, and various usages and contents are shared through YouTube and Instagram.

Meet the photo content taken with Snovall!
Meet the video content shot with Snovall!
Snovall on my hand!

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